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Kids in the Kitchen

I love introducing my boys to new things. One of those things is food! I don’t do this to get my picky eater to try new things, necessarily. I just love learning and discovering things with them. Discovering new food isn’t necessarily just a fork-to-mouth experience. It is really learning about the Lord, Creator of all things! He created all things for our enjoyment! As a family, we have been known to watch Food Network instead of a rented movie. We’ve enjoyed Feasting on Asphalt (Alton Brown), Unwrapped, Ace of Cakes, and Good Eats, etc.

Here are just a few of the fun discoveries we’ve made along the way. We’ve…

  • boiled our own live lobster for a Family Valentine’s Dinner.
  • made pasta from scratch.
  • made homemade tamales.  (Jacobos in Omaha is a fun store to visit!)
  • and just recently, we bought a coconut from the grocery store just for the fun of it. Did you know coconuts have 3 eyes and that have to poke them to get to the coconut water? We did not like the coconut water; however, the coconut flesh is wonderful! Made me thing of an Almond Joy (without the chocolate, of course!)

Check back for more Kids in the Kitchen discoveries as we endeavor to sophisticate and enlarge the palate of these boys of ours!




January 13, 2010

FENNEL…I have always loved the taste of black licorice. I’ve heard that fennel has the same flavor, much like the anise seed as well. I enjoy it so much so that every year my Easter basket was filled with black jelly beans and looked like it was memorializing someone’s death more than celebrating my Savior’s life. Natural black licorice, not the Twizzler’s kind, has touted many medicinal properties as well! The twins and I are studying Ancient Egypt (Truth Quest). And according to Licorice International, ancient Egyptians used it as a pharmaceutical. Copious amounts were found in King Tut’s tomb. Egyptian hieroglyphics record the use of licorice as a popular beverage. It has been used to soothe coughs, colds and bronchitis.


Fruit? Vegetable? Weed?



Have you ever visited Licorice International in Lincoln, NE? It is one of my favorite stops when we are there. Giff indulges me at every visit. Check it out at and see for yourself! My personal favorite is the Australian Kookaburra. I even like the chocolate covered Australian Kookaburra. If you ever want to bless me, send me some of these! Ha!

But I digress…

Matthew and I are going to try our hands at cooking/baking with fennel– I have always been intimidated by this vegetable? fruit? I’m not even sure what it is. Admittedly, I have to do some research before we run to Hy-Vee and purchase some. Is it even in season right now?

If you have had success in using fennel in your cooking, please send me some recipes you would suggest. I know I could easily go to any online cooking website; however, I prefer to stay with the tried and true “word-of-mouth” method.

Bon appetite!






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