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Undone by God’s Kindness

February 10, 2016

My son Andrew can light up a room with his contagious smile and charm you with his long lashes and freckled-face. Andrew enjoys music and being where the action is. He likes to be a part of whatever is going on around him.

Andrew has come so far in his 13 years, but he has struggled these last few weeks with some meltdowns and behavioral issues at school and at home. It’s always difficult for everyone involved when he struggles like this.

Yesterday was one of those days where he struggled more than normal. He was having a difficult time regulating his emotions and staying in control. For someone with autism, when things don’t go as planned it’s hard to adjust. When he feels helpless and out of control, it’s too much for him.

I had to go get Andrew from school because he wasn’t able to get it together enough to ride the bus home. I’m weary of this journey! (He is, too!) After picking him up yesterday, he kept apologizing and saying he was sorry for being mean.

“I know, Buddy! We’ll try again tomorrow!”


Tomorrow comes and there’s a change of plans in our morning agenda. He no longer has a doctor appointment because the doctor called in sick. (He was supposed to get some shots.) He cries–not because he was getting shots but because he’s not going to the doctor now and won’t be getting shots.  Oy vey! We try to help him work through it. Sometimes plans change and we have to be flexible.

He finally calmed down when I told him I would get him Chikfila on the way to to school. 😊 As I was waiting in the drive-thru lane, it hit me. I was overwhelmed with such a love for this man-child of mine and all we’ve been through with him. I was so grateful God brought us to Colorado, if for no other reason than for Andrew to receive the kind of education and support from so many qualified and compassionate people in his life. It’s been such a stark contrast to what we experienced in Omaha.

Instead of dropping him off at the door, I decided to go inside and express my appreciation to the staff who work directly with Andrew–namely his primary teacher, Mr. Hall. Andrew has attended public school his entire life, yet God has peppered our journey with born-again believers who love Andrew.

Through tears, I told Mr. Hall that I appreciated him and all that he does for and with my son. This man loves Andrew. He works with him diligently every day. Gets discouraged for lack of progress yet comes back the next morning ready to try again. I also told some of the other staff that I appreciated them. They looked at me kind of funny and said, “We don’t ever hear that! Thank you!”


As I was sharing with him, he pulled up a chair indicating I needed to take a seat. He then proceeded to tell me that he carries a wooden cross in his pocket and shows Andrew periodically and asks him, “Is God pleased with this behavior?”

“Who died on this cross for your sins?”

And then he took Andrew aside and prayed with him. (Insert big ugly cry!) Mr. Hall hugged me and said, “I love my job! I’d be crazy to work here if I didn’t.”

“Lord, thank You for all the different people you’ve put in our lives, especially Andrew’s.

image imageThank You for those who love You and are not afraid to share You and Your love with Andrew. Thank You for showing me that I don’t need to be afraid of what Andrew’s future looks like. That You have it all under control. And that You are the answer to every question we could possibly ever have!”

Thank You for a loving husband and a devoted father to Andrew!






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