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Letting Go…

June 28, 2012

Today, a blog I frequently read was discussing what it means to “let go” of our kids and what that looks like, especially for moms. I have, as we all have, been in the process of letting go of our children in some form or fashion the moment they were born — that divine moment when God loans us HIS children.

Giff and I took one of our firstborns (twins) to his very first job this morning. Zach started detasseling hybrid corn fields today. This meant that Dad and I got up at 4:30a to help him get ready for his day. To my surprise, my little sleepy head was up and getting ready before my feet even hit the floor.

He didn’t need me!

Why, if I was the one who helped make this day a reality for him, was I surprised at the occasional tears that filled my eyes throughout the morning as we awaited word that it was time to come get him? We drove him to the pick-up site and got him in line for the bus. When he was next in line, the bus driver asked his name, and as I had done hundreds of times before I started talking for him. But then I heard his teenage changing voice speak up and tell her what his name was.

He didn’t need me!

Zachary ended up having a short day, and Giff picked him up earlier than we had expected. After a shower and resting a bit, Zachary asked for a hug, as he frequently doems. (His love language is physical touch.) Ahhhhhhhh……..


I am the only mom he will ever have, and as that mom I am the only one who could give him that hug. Nothing can replace my arms when he wants a hug from his mom! I will continue giving him hugs as long as he wants them and as long as I am alive!!!

I am blessed — even if I only have 1559 days before both if my firstborns are 18!

PS: I make a habit when I do hug my kids to not “let go” until they do first!

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  1. KneeCole permalink
    July 10, 2012 3:16 pm

    Julie, you’re cute! Thanks for posting and sending me the link. I like the not “letting go” until they do first!

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