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Fun Friday Facts

August 12, 2011

1. I’ve lost 13 pounds so far!

2. I dont’ really like cake (never really have) so I wasn’t tempted to eat any when celebrating my husband’s birthday yesterday.

3. I love to look at children’s artwork. I would pay to see a child’s piece of art quicker than I would to go see the famous artists like Matisse, Van Gogh, etc. I love how kids’ minds work!

4. I have to come up with a different name for this weekly post as my brother posts something quite similar for the Northgate Coffee Bar. Hmmmmm….any ideas?

5. I was contemplating my age yesterday, especially since we were celebrating his 43rd birthday. And I realized (*gulp*) that when my mom was my age, she had one married daughter and had just recently met my future husband! YIKES!!! My oldests are soon to be 13, and my youngest is almost 3!


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