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Fun Friday Facts (I know it’s still Thursday, but I will be spending time with the boys tomorrow and will not be on Facebook as much!)

July 28, 2011

1. I am gearing up for another year of homeschooling the twins. They will be in 7th grade this year.
2. My husband and I each have our own secret tapes of each other snoring! NEVER TO BE RELEASED!
3. I have a new vacuum that I am ABSOLUTELY giddy about! Weird, huh, especially since I mostly have wood floors!
4. I used to play “Charlie’s Angels” when I was a little girl! I always wanted to be Jaclyn Smith (aka Kelly Garrett)! However, I did not aspire to have a clothing line at Walmart!
5. I have …
1895 days until the twins turn 18 (45,480 HOURS, 2,728,800 MINUTES and 163,728,000 SECONDS)! “Lord, I hope we’ve done our jobs well and you are pleased!”

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  1. July 30, 2011 8:43 pm

    I always wanted to be Jaclyn Smith’s character too. LOL I love my vacuum which was my Christmas present one year. I bought it on ebay one day & it was delivered when my husband was awake. Since I hadn’t told him about the necessary purchase, I didn’t want him to see it come into the house. He laughed at me for trying to sneak it in but quickly relized it was so near Christmas so he shouted, “Merry Christmas!” Hahaha Gotta love it!

    But you don’t need to remind me how quickly my 7th grader has until he’s grown up & out of the house…. you’re going to have me crying, girl. 😉 Sure wish I could rewind & relive so many of the treasured moments I’ve had with my kids.

    What a joy we have with the gift of motherhood! Blessings to you, dear friend.

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