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Can You Tell….

September 19, 2010

I’m Bored?

Humor a sick girl, and answer some fun questions for me!

1. How long have you had the same pillow?

2. Are you a clean cook (always cleaning up as you go along) or a messy one (you’ll leave it to clean up later)?

3. How often do you honestly get a new toothbrush?

4. What is your favorite comfort food when you are sick?

5. How often do you rearrange your furniture?

6. What genre of movie is your favorite?

7. Do you live in your dream home, or is that yet to come?

8. Do you live “in the moment” or are you always looking to the “future”?

9. Do you like your middle name? Why or why not?

10. If your brother or sister had lice in their family and they were worn out from it all, would you be willing to go to their house to help them out?

11. If God called you to minister in Calcutta, India, would you consider it a privilege?

12. Do you see the correlation between Questions #10 and #11?

13. Which would you be more willing to do: Sing/speak in front of a crowd of 1,000 strangers or sing/speak in front of a handful of people you kind of know?

14. What kind of music do you like? (Country, R & B, jazz, classical, etc.)

15. If you were alone watching a funny movie, would you still laugh out loud?

PS: I will answer these myself in another post. For now, humor me! I’ve also made up all these questions myself. I really do wanna know!

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