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On the Homefront!

September 13, 2010

As I sit here and type this blog post, I am listening to the newest member of our family….a ferret! I would tell you his name, but Zachary hasn’t decided upon one yet. I know there are a number of you out there who are chuckling at what I just said since we have this uncanny ability to delay naming members of our family. Suffice it to say, that we deliberate on decisions a looooooooong time, but once we arrive at one, we are usually steadfast! So, all in all, that’s a good thing! (PS: We’ve never waivered from Andrew Gifford in the entire 8 years of his life! Ha!)

Zachary earned and saved the entire amount to be able to purchase this much-desired pet of his. We made numerous trips to the pet store to see if I was allergic. My allergies didn’t flare up at all! Now that he’s home, we have 15 days in which to decide if I am indeed allergy free. Cross your fingers! Zachary would be crushed if I was allergic. He is so attached already! He is a great pet owner, and I know he will be a GREAT Dad someday!!! (PICTURES TO COME!)

On a different note, Andrew has slipped into one of his “episodes!” His pediatrician, Giff and I have decided to admit him and run all kinds of tests (metabolic, MRI, genetic, etc.). Please pray for us! This is always a difficult time when Andrew …..isn’t Andrew! It’s scary! Not knowing what you are dealing with is always worse than knowing — at least in my humble opinion! No matter what goes on in life, Giff and I have always put forth that GOD IS STILL GOOD! What a legacy to leave your children. In spite of your circumstances, God can still be trusted because He is GOOD!

More on the homefront later!

Until then,


PS: I love this furry little creature, and it’s not his smell that stinks right now. It’s his wet food! Blkkkkk! Hopefully in the next week or two, he will go straight to the dry food!

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