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The Difference Between WHO God is and WHAT God does!

May 15, 2010

Have you ever stopped to wonder what the difference is between WHO God is and WHAT God does? It’s been something I’ve contemplated for a few days now after hearing something on the radio. It could all be attributed to my melancholy/choleric temperament that enjoys analyzing, or it could be that God is giving me a glimpse of His character He wants me to learn. I don’t like having to go around the same mountain of learning over and over again; so, I think like Samuel, I will tune my ears to hear what He has to say! This is what I’m wondering….

I listen to KLOVE (a Christian radio station) on my way to and from work! But for the purposes of this blog post, it very well could be any radio station — or any given conversation between two Christians on any given day! You get the point! Anyway,on one particular day, they were praising God and telling about His goodness because He spared a family from a tornado in Nashville recently. Who am I to begrudge God Almighty for the praise due His name!!!!  However, I kind of took pause when they were talking about it. The man being interviewed said something to the effect,

“I told my family that the tornado would NOT hurt our house! It totally missed our house!!! Isn’t God good?!”

Of couse, we would be giving God glory and praising His name if He spared us from something so devastating! What I want to know is would that same man (or you or I) still praise His name and give Him glory if He didn’t!? Is God good just because He does “good” things — or at least things that we deem as good!? Is He still “good” even though the house across the street was smashed and all their belongings lost? Is He still good when the flood waters rose and caused irreparable damage to people’s livelihoods?

When you talk about God’s goodness, is it somehow linked to what He DOES for you?

I have to constantly evaluate my heart in this regard!

God is good ………….. Period!

His goodness doesn’t change like the shadows which depend on the sun shining! His goodness can be seen in the dark! I WHOLEHEARTEDLY believe that God is good — not just by what He does but by Who He is!

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